Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

2008 Chicago DHCS Colloquium

The 2008 DHCS Colloquium was held at the University of Chicago from Nov. 1-3, 2008. For additional information and to view the full program of events, please visit http://dhcs2008.uchicago.edu 

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Arno Bosse

Paper Presentations

The WikiPhil Portal: Visualizing Meaningful Philosophical Connections PDF
Sofia J. Athenikos, Xia Lin
Visualizing Varieties of Association in Orlando PDF
Susan Brown, Stan Ruecker, Milena Radzikowska, Matt Patey, St Sinclair, Jeffery Antoniuk, Sharon Farnel, Isobel Grundy
Building Meaning in Digitized Photographs PDF
Paul Conway
The Emergence Project: 
A Machine of Expression PDF
Daniel Sauter
Linguistic Dumpster Diving: Geographical Classification of Arabic Text PDF
Ron Zacharski, Ahmed Abdelali, Stephen Helmreich, Jim Cowie
What Scholarly Editors Need to Help us Make Sense Together in the Digital Age PDF
Peter M. Robinson

Poster and Demo Sessions

Engaging the Virtual Landscape: Serious gaming environments as tools in historical landscape reconstruction and interpretation PDF
Susan Bergeron, Jesse Rouse
JGAAP: A System for Comparative Evaluation of Authorship Attribution PDF
Patrick Juola
Four Ways of Making Sense: Designing and Implementing Searchling, a Visual Thesaurus-Enhanced Interface for Multilingual Digital Libraries PDF
Amy Stafford, Paras Mehta, Matthew Bouchard, Stan Ruecker, Karl Anvil, Ali Shiri, Ximena Rossello
Ancient Towns and New Methods: A GIS and Remote Sensing-Guided Archaeological Survey in the Western Nile Delta PDF
Joshua Trampier
Reimaging Past Worlds: Issues and Challenges in the Use of 3D Graphics for Historical Reconstructions PDF
James Coltrain

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